You may be here because you’ve recently noticed there are strange things going on with the world and you’re not sure what to do about it. Or perhaps you’ve known for a little while now that the myth of abundance and progress we’ve been sold is a lie designed to keep us all subservient, but haven’t much wanted to consider the implications of that before.

Either way, hopefully you have at least understood already that the media can not be trusted in any way (and if not, you should read this blog post first). But where does that leave us? Where can we find useful information?

The answer is: on the internet. Away from the careful curation of the MSM, thousands of truth-seekers have been quietly posting articles and videos, and writing book for years now, waiting for just such a moment as this when the wider world would start to take an interest in what they had to say.

I have compiled and am constantly compiling lists of this information with a hope that, within these links, you will find some of the answers you seek. But I remind you always that this is only designed as a starting point. If we are to lay claim to the great promise of humanity: peace, prosperity and the universal brotherhood of man, we must all do the work of truth seeking for ourselves…

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