A novel by D. R. Edmunds

“It’s like this: When the universe was first created there was only hydrogen, the first element. From that came helium through nuclear fusion, like Adam and Eve. Then all the other elements, all the other atoms were made in stars over billions of years. All of the carbon and oxygen and everything else that we’re made up of, all of it was made in suns burning light-years away.

“And at the time, someone, if there was a someone, might have asked: what does it matter if those stars are born and burn and die? They’re just stars flung out across the universe, it doesn’t mean anything. But if they hadn’t burned, if they hadn’t lived and died, if the atoms within them hadn’t been transformed through fire into something new, we wouldn’t be here today having this conversation. Who knows what it means? Who knows why the things we do matter? But they do. They must, mustn’t they? Or what is it for?”

The Book of Niv, page 478.


The Book of Niv is a powerful story that will serve as a guiding light amidst emerging apocalyptic forces which have left many of us feeling stranded and directionless. Edmunds masterfully repackages Biblical wisdom into a heart-wrenching story most prominently featuring the reclamation of our strength despite fracturing, enslaving conditions. This book quite literally resurfaced my complex PTSD, but also amplified the resilient voice within me, upgrading the fortress wherein dwells my tired yet unconquered soul.”

— Nicholas Olivares

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